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Wallace D. Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich

Wallace D. Wattles

Born in the mid 1800s during the War between the States, Wallace D. Wattles experienced a life of failure after failure, until — in his latter years, after tireless study and experimentation — he formulated and put into practice the principles laid out in The Science of Getting Rich.

His daughter Florence notes that in those last years, "he wrote almost constantly. It was then that he formed his mental picture. He saw himself as a successful writer, a personality of power, an advancing man, and he began to work toward the realization of this vision. He lived every page ... His life was truly the powerful life."

Although Mr. Wattles died relatively young, and although his work was largely forgotten for years, those who have studied and applied these principles throughout the 20th century have experienced remarkable results: They have gotten rich!

(And when you read or listen to Mr. Wattles' most excellent work, you'll see that ALL the success and personal development literature of the last 90+ years owes a great debt to The Science of Getting Rich.)

Wallace D. Wattles also wrote The Science of Being Well; a novel, Hellfire Harrison; The Science of Being Great, a mail-order course expanding on the principles of his three "Science" books; and many, many magazine articles.


Rebecca Fine, founder of The Science of Getting Rich Network

Rebecca Fine

I've been a business owner since 1983, and over the years had seen pretty good success — and one rather spectacular failure (but as Mr. Wattles tells us, we don't need to go there!).

I owned a well-regarded commercial typography and graphics firm in Manhattan, producing marketing materials for many Fortune 500 companies. I sold that and started a marketing consulting and copywriting firm on Cape Cod where I helped small business owners nationwide increase their sales many times over.

Then, for seven years I enjoyed teaching others how to start and operate their own full- or part-time home-based businesses and speaking to large groups of budding entrepreneurs around the US and Canada.

But when I discovered and put into practice Mr. Wattles' system, the results were simply astounding! My income shot waaay up — and that's not all!

(So many people have asked for specifics of that success, that I'll include here the short version: I was doing network marketing and having only so-so results. But after SOGR came along, within six months my partner and I were top earners in that business. It truly was amazing. And when you have success in a large networking company, everyone knows about it. When the company CEO announced to more than 100,000 people on the voice mail system that we'd come "out of nowhere" to "suddenly" having the largest organization in another country that we'd just opened up, a lot of people wanted to know HOW things had changed for us.)

After a year and a half, I was thoroughly convinced that the Science really works and that it was "safe" to share with others. (I never teach or recommend anything unless I believe in it myself.) So I began sharing this wonderful message by inviting readers of one of my e-mail newsletters to read the book and participate in a month-long "Summer Science Project" — a discussion group here on the internet.

563 people took me up on that initial invitation! And I spent that entire month with my mouth hanging open in amazement at what they discovered about their own thinking about money — and at the results many of them began to achieve in all aspects of their lives as they changed that habitual thinking and the corresponding action (or inaction!).

It was a wonderfully satisfying experience!

Before I knew it, word was spreading and my email inbox was stuffed with requests for the book from all over the world. I confess: The main reason I set up this site — back in 1999 — was so people could download the book themselves and I could stop spending hours emailing it! ;-)

And the good news continues to spread — to virtually every country in the world that allows its citizens free access to the internet. Amazing! So now — through this website, the free downloadable version of the book, the audiobook, The Certain Way ezine, The Science of Getting Rich for Practical GeniusesTM Online Course, the discussion boards, and through teleclasses, live workshops, speaking engagements, and more — I am committed to making Mr. Wattles' practical wisdom available to all.

Please share this site freely and let me know about YOUR results!

Love and blessings, and, of course —
EXPECT Success!
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