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Here's your free 'Vision' ScreenSaver!

Let your PC give you gentle, encouraging reminders to help keep you thinking and acting in the certain way with the Science of Getting Rich Network's Vision ScreenSaver.

There are two versions available here and both are free and self-installing (a simple "Readme" instruction file is included):

Vision Lite has 33 quotations and is recommended if you have a slow connection. 

Vision has 100 quotations. This is a graphics-heavy, big file and takes about 15 minutes to download (timed on a 49333 connection). It's worth it, though! So if you have a fast connection or sufficient patience, just start the download and go get a cup of coffee! ;-)



Remember: You may give these screen savers away to anyone you like, but you may NOT sell them or assign a price to them. (And please don't give this link away either. Instead, if you wish to share the gifts on this site with others, please direct them to the home page tojoin the Network, free, just as you did. Thanks!)

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