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"Between-Issues Update"

Your latest ebook gift is from Leo Babauta, the creator of ZenHabits, one of the most popular (and useful) blogs on the internet.

So rather than distract you here, I'll just send you on down the page to pick up your free edition of focus: a simplicity manual in the Age of Distraction.

I like an awful lot of what Leo has to say and I'm betting you will, too.

Be sure to watch your inbox throughout the month for all the news from The Certain Way ezine. Meanwhile, there's a treasure chest of great "old" stuff still here from previous editions. Check and see if you've missed anything, and I'll see you soon with MORE. 'Til then, my friend ...

Love and blessings, and, of course —
EXPECT Success!
Rebecca Fine

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free ebook from the Science of Getting Rich NETwork
Just ... focus.

Happiness ... procrastination ... travel ... habits ... simplifying ... feeling great physically ... dealing with negative people ... mindfulness ... having enough time ... and pretty much everything else that has to do with being alive in the 21st century — it's all subject matter for Leo Babauta's Zen Habits blog.

The site itself is beautifully simple and yet packed with USEFUL information that not only gets you asking yourself all sorts of powerful questions, but inspires powerful action, too.

Just below you can download Leo's latest book, focus: a simplicity manifesto in the Age of Distraction.

Leo says, "It's about finding the focus you need to create, to work on what’s important, to reflect, to find peace."

I think that says it all. Enjoy.

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'The Come-Back'
free The Come-Back ebook pdf from the Science of Getting Rich NETwork

This powerfully USEFUL excerpt from a book published in 1934 shows in simple but lively language how you can transform your entire life by truly understanding unchanging Universal Law.

And then, Mr. Hunting shows us HOW to begin that change right this very moment.

(It's also just plain fun to read.)

Be sure to scroll on down the page (WAAAAY down!) to learn more about Gardner Hunting and to download another mini-ebook by him featured here a while back, "A Blank Check Waiting for You."

Mac users: Click and hold.

This ebook is an Adobe PDF file (just like the The Science of Getting Rich ebook). You can also left-click to open the ebook online, then click the little disc icon in Adobe Reader® to "Save A Copy." If you need help with downloading or printing or need to get a free copy of Adobe Reader®, click here for the Tech Help page.

Wallace D. Wattles
Wally has something to tell you right now!

Whether you're feeling the need for a little support and encouragement or not, you'll enjoy this special interactive page where Mr. Wattles gets to speak directly to YOU.

Dress up your screen and get your head on straight, too ;-)

If the wallpaper that came with your computer is looking a bit dingy or uninspiring, here are SIX quick fixes.

With beautiful images and great quotations from inspiring people, you've got something new to look at every day of the week. (Well, almost — you've got to turn the darned thing off and go PLAY sometimes!)

Download one or download them all. The four most popular sizes are available, and if there's not one sized exactly right for your machine, use the next-largest one and it should work just fine.

(I personally like the Buckminster Fuller one best. Or maybe the Corrie Ten Boom. Or ... hmm. Well, just see which one suits YOU.)


Be sure to get the following gifts, links, and more from previous editions ...

A special gift for you: 'It Works!'
free It Works! ebook pdf from the Science of Getting Rich NETwork

First published anonymously in 1926, "It Works!" is a mini-goldmine of how-to, why-to, and the all-important WHAT-to-do that goes hand-in-hand with SOGR. And all this in just eleven pages!

There's a reason it's still in print after 83 years. (Hint: Because "It Works!")

Mac users: Click and hold.

This ebook is an Adobe PDF file (just like the The Science of Getting Rich ebook). You can also left-click to open the ebook online, then click the little disc icon in Adobe Reader® to "Save A Copy." If you need help with downloading or printing or need to get a free copy of Adobe Reader®, click here for the Tech Help page.

It's back — just for us and just in time!

Back in '08 my favorite Law of Attraction audio course — well, other than The Science of Getting Rich for Practical GeniusesTM naturally! — was yanked off the market.

"Know How To Be Rich," by Dr. Robert Anthony, was a wonderful complement to The Science of Getting Rich, and literally THOUSANDS of Certain Way readers and Practical Genius grads benefited hugely from it.

I sure did!

In fact, I found it so fascinating, so mind-opening, and so immediately USEFUL, I tried to get the rights to it to keep it available, but nope, it was gone — mostly to make way for a new, expanded course called "The Secret of Deliberate Creation."

Well, THAT course is fabulous, too. But you know, I just had a real soft spot for the original. Plus, I got more enthusiastic thank-you emails from Certain Way readers than for anything else I'd ever recommended before.

So I always wanted to find a way to make it available to SOGR fans again.

And, at last, the way appeared!

(This is so cool — a "clear mental image" manifesting even better than I'd originally imagined!)

If you're determined to master SOGR and the Law of Attraction, this is the logical next step because ...

it brings the real science of attraction into the 21st century in a clear, "use-it-now" way that's FUN to listen to.

This is the ONLY place anyone can get the original "Know How To Be Rich Course" (and a whole lot more!), and I'm delighted I could swing this special deal for you.



The LOW-tech way to 'guard your thoughts!'
Science of Getting Rich Network -- ecletech

Our friend Wallace Wattles tells us in The Science of Getting Rich:

"Guard your thoughts ..."

So says our friend Wallace Wattles, but if guarding your thoughts feels a bit tricky at times, help is on the way! And all you need is a bit of ... aluminum foil.

Seriously (well, not really), this silly little video takes off on the idea of "mind control" by space aliens, so maybe it's not a PERFECT fit for our purposes. But so what? It's good for a laugh!

I love a quirky sense of humor and this definitely exhibits one, so just click the link below and enjoy.

Note: This is a JOKE. I am KIDDING. (But I'm still off to buy a lot of stock in Alcoa ...) ;-D

A shortcut to attract a sweetie who is also into SOGR and Law of Attraction? Cool!
Law Of Attraction Singles. Start searching now!>>

So I just spent some time looking around inside this online dating site that was created especially for people like you and me — students of Law of Attraction, prosperity consciousness, and the like. What an excellent idea!

And what's even better: a basic membership is free.

If you've ever explored any dating sites you may have found them lacking because up 'til now they've never offered a direct way to let others know about this very important aspect of your life.

But this site lets you check "interest" boxes for things like Abraham-Hicks ... quantum physics ... meditation ... and more. Plus your profile asks you to share your "lifetime goals" (if you want to) among other thought-provoking questions.

More than 25,000 people around the world have already signed up, and there are some wonderful "success stories" there in the site.

Hey, if a great relationship with a like-minded person is part of your "clear mental image," this just might be some INSPIRED ACTION on your part.

Another ebook gift for you: Appreciating in Value
free Appreciating in Value ebook pdf from the Science of Getting Rich NETwork

Straight from readers of The Science of Getting Rich and The Certain Way™ ezine, these 193 brief and often touching stories of the power of appreciation in action are sure to inspire, entertain, and enlighten you. They're not only fun to read, they're practical.

Put these tips to use right away, and see what wonderful things happen for you, too!

Mac users: Click and hold.

This ebook is an Adobe PDF file (just like the The Science of Getting Rich ebook). You can also left-click to open the ebook online, then click the little disc icon in Adobe Reader® to "Save A Copy." If you need help with downloading or printing or need to get a free copy of Adobe Reader®, click here for the Tech Help page.

'Thinking' like a lizard — and getting it all wrong

"Though emotions are themselves critical to making rational decisions, they were designed for a world in which dangers took the form of predators, not pollutants. Our emotions push us to make snap judgments that once were sensible — but may not be anymore."

What makes you feel safe? What makes you fearful, even terrified? And what about that constant underlying feeling of anxiety that so many people experience without even knowing it?

Now, because as students of The Science of Getting Rich and the Law of Attraction we already know that our emotions always show us where our thoughts are really focused (in other words, what "clear mental image" is being impressed on the Formless at any given moment), we also know that a feeling of fear is taking us rapidly AWAY from what we want to experience and powerfully attracting to us more like itself.

So this article, "10 Ways We Get the Odds Wrong," from the magazine Psychology Today is not only fascinating, but offers up some useful insights and evidence to help us become more aware of that "under the radar" stuff so we can let go of hanging on and believing it to be real.

'Practical Geniuses demand crashes servers!'

My old journalism school professors would probably go all apoplectic, but I thoroughly enjoyed creating this TOTALLY FAKE NEWS CLIPPING ...

Still, you know, except for the part about the servers collapsing, the vision of millions of new people signing up for The Science of Getting Rich for Practical GeniusesTM Online Course all at once IS a pretty exciting "CMI."

Hmm ...


Laurel and Hardy Meet Santana

Aside from the fact that this video is an amusing example of "creative mind," it has absolutely nothing else to do with The Science of Getting Rich. As far as I know.

But smiling is good and laughing is better, so I hope you get a kick out of it like I do.


I posted this on my Facebook page a couple weeks ago and I've probably watched it ten times since then. (I adored "Stan and Ollie" when I was a little kid and the local TV station used to show their movies — old even back then! — on Saturday mornings. Ah, now if only my grandma would show up ...) :-D

Recession-Proof Happiness

Almost every day I hear from someone, somewhere in the world, who has begun following the principles laid out in The Science of Getting Rich and who is surprised and delighted to find that even before the financial goodies start pouring in, he or she has suddenly become ...

... happy!

Although it's not really a "side effect," it sure is fun. And as the saying goes, "happiness shared is happiness multiplied."

That's why about five years ago I enjoyed discovering The Secret Society of Happy People, which was formed ten years ago this month "to encourage the expression of happiness and discourage parade raining."

The Society holds that "happiness is contagious" and that as the number of people willing to talk about and share their happiness grows, "it will become chic for everyone to do it."

Hey, it sure couldn't hurt!

See what they're up to, download a free copy of "Recession-Proof Happiness," and find out which of the 31 varieties of happiness they've listed are part of YOUR experience!


What REALLY makes you happy?

Are you sure? Let's find out ...


So you DO already have the ability to feel good BEFORE your "CMI" shows up, which means you can follow Wallace Wattles excellent advice to go ahead and be happy NOW: "Enter at once into the full enjoyment ..."


Once the 'Belief Barrier' fell ...

This brief video tells a familiar story, but pay particular attention to what happened — and FAST! — AFTER the old belief was shown to be completely wrong.

"[B]elief is all important ... and as your beliefs will be shaped to a very great extent by the things you observe and think about, it is important that you should carefully govern to what you give your attention.
"And here the will comes into use, for it is by your will that you determine upon what things your attention shall be fixed."

Those words from The Science of Getting Rich remind us that as long as we continue to let the images, words, beliefs propounded by others have top place in our thoughts, we'll continue to get the RESULTS of those beliefs, those habitual thoughts.

Or we can choose to hold a different "clear mental image" and learn to gently shift our attention away from more of what we do NOT want and toward more of what we DO desire to be, do, or have. Every moment offers a new opportunity to choose differently.


Happy Mother's Day! (Or ANY day!)

Science of Getting Rich for Practical Geniuses™ Course grad Russ Hamel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, along with his five-year-old step-daughter Ambrosia put together this special Mother's Day video based on one of Russ' original songs.

Russ notes: "As a relatively new stay-at-home step-dad, I have gained a tremendous appreciation for all the Moms out there. I was childless in my first marriage of 23 years so I had absolutely NO IDEA. Now when my wife comes home from her office job and asks, 'And what did YOU do all day today?' I have to smile because now I KNOW!"

He also enthusiastically adds: "Life is good ... no, GREAT! If anyone still has doubts that Wally's writings are the real deal, I am here to settle that score once and for all.

"From having been diagnosed with leukemia, bankrupt and divorced all within a period of six years to where I am now ... well, it's nothing short of miraculous.

"OR IS IT? (Hint: read, study, internalize and apply Wally's book!)"

She's 88, she's the mayor of a major DEBT-FREE city, and she's not slowing down ...

Hazel is amazing and delightful and really good at what she does. (And she's been the mayor for 31 years, too.)

OK, the reporter's pretty over-the-top, but maybe we should all find out what's in Mississauga's drinking water. Wow.

Which superpowers are lurking in YOU?

You DO have them, you know. We all do. And this delightful short video from Norway points that out in an imaginative, FUN way.

Pay attention at the beginning and this film class final project — I sure hope it earned an A+ (or the Norwegian equivalent) — will give you a lift in just a few minutes. (Watch out for the surprise ending!)

This video is better in High Definition, but that's too big for our page, so click the link below to watch in a new window, if you prefer:

Gratitude in your pocket!
iphone gratitude journal app

"Write down five things you are grateful for each day in your Gratitude Journal and your life will change forever."

So says Carla White, who just last spring discovered the power of looking for things to appreciate and actually writing them down. In two short months, she says, everything changed and the practice of gratitude is helping her "become more the person I'm meant to be."

That has DEFINITELY been the case for me and for loads of students in The Science of Getting Rich for Practical Geniuses™ Online Course, as well!

Well, Carla wanted to share her enthusiasm with others and so she created a nifty little Gratitude Journal app for the iPhone that you can download for just 99 cents from iTunes. Not being much of a "phone person," I don't use the iPhone but I told a friend about it and she got it immediately and LOVES it.

(If you're more like me, a simple notebook and a favorite pen will do nicely!)

How was YOUR morning commute?

Well, this may not have an obviously direct connection to The Science of Getting Rich, but then again it could be an example of a big, fun idea manifesting in a big, fun way. Or it could just be that I thought it was delightful and wanted to share it with you! :-D

Let's just call it BOTH, shall we? OK, it's a commercial for a cell phone company — and a brilliantly done one at that — but just for the record I don't happen to know anything about their service. I just appreciate the video. (Watch some of the "bystanders" catch the spirit and join in. Just lovely!)

It's also fun to watch this little 45-second video of people's responses to what they'd just experienced:

DIY 'motivational' posters in minutes!
motivational poster

This is fun — especially if you like making the SILLY posters like I do.

Just use one of the supplied photos, one of your own, or choose one from the web. Add your quotation or favorite saying, click a button or two and you're done!

You can make your poster image as big or small as you like. This illustration has been reduced (a LOT) to fit here, but the quotation says: "If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito." How true!

The power of validation

This is 16 minutes and 23 seconds of sheer delight — just watch and see if you don't agree!

Then, why not try doing what this fellow does and see how terrific it feels? :-D


By the way, I discovered this great video right on our own Science of Getting Rich NETwork Discussion Forum. There are marvelous links and a whole lot more posted there daily by people all over the world. It's another great gift you can give yourself — and another excellent opportunity for you to share the gift of YOUR ideas and experiences, too!

'A blank check waiting for YOU!'
Wallace Wattles - Gardner Hunting - A blank check waiting for you

Back in the early days of Hollywood, a successful writer of popular detective stories, sci-fi novels and screenplays was also a student of the universal laws we've learned about in The Science of Getting Rich.

Most of Gardner Hunting's works are little known today (even his 1918 movie starring — no kidding! — an actor named Harrison Ford). But just as I have been thrilled to give you and so many others a free copy of Wallace Wattles' wonderful little book these past nine years, I'm pleased to offer you today this additional "forgotten wisdom" from the early 20th century.

You very well may have a few "aha moments!" ahead of you now — answers to questions SOGR readers ask me all the time.

See what you learn about ...

  • The impression of increase

  • Being larger than your present place

  • Competitive mind

  • Giving more in use value than you take in cash value

    ... and other essential parts of The Science of Getting Rich.


'I'm on top of the world!'
Wallace Wattles

If you visited this page a couple months ago when SOGR fan and Practical Genius™ Craig Veitch from the UK shared with us his delightful and inspiring "Mind Movie" featuring an original song, "I'm on Top of the World," you already know how catchy and upbeat that tune is.

I liked the feel of it so much I asked Craig if it could be the "Official Science of Getting Rich Network Theme Song." He said yes.

And so many other SOGR-ers and Practical Geniuses™ wanted to be able to play the song on their iPods and the like that I asked Craig about that. Once again, he said yes!

So here's a gift for you — from Craig, by way of me. Have fun!

(Don't you LOVE it when people say yes?)

Thanks Craig!

Then, scroll on down just a little to ...

  • Watch Craig's "Mind Movie" featuring this song.

  • Download a nifty little pocket guide on the power of saying "Yes!"

*The song is, of course, created and copyrighted by Craig Veitch. He is giving you permission to download it for your own personal use only. (That means you may listen to it or use it in your own Mind Movie or the like, but may NOT distribute it, give it away, sell it, or upload it to the web in any way, shape, or form. By downloading it here, you are agreeing to that. Fair enough? Thanks for respecting Craig's work and his gift.)

'Be prepared to be AMAZED!'

This latest gift from me — Rebecca — to you is uplifting, and PRACTICAL.

Take a few minutes to download, print and fold this handy mini-booklet and start your own Yes! List. ENJOY it as you carry it with you to add to or review throughout your day.

Best of all, let yourself start to notice how the world around you and the people in it miraculously begin to change as you begin to say YES instead of NO!


From 'CMI' to the BBC in just two days! Fun!

"I'm a little shell shocked actually. Something AMAZING has happened."

That's what Science of Getting Rich for Practical Geniuses™ course member Craig Veitch in the UK had to say just two short days after creating and posting his own "Mind Movie" to the Science of Getting Rich NETwork Discussion Forum.

Looks like getting his "mental image" REALLY clear — just as Wallace Wattles tells us — is paying off big and fast:

"As a result I'm on BBC Radio tomorrow showing my songs. I can't believe it."

But it's true! Craig was featured on BBC Radio Sheffield's "The Howard Pressman Show," on September 3rd. "Hundreds of thousands of listeners heard me perform and talk about my dreams of becoming a professional songwriter!" he said.

"This is powerful, powerful stuff ..."

It sure is! Here's Craig's delightful Mind Movie, complete with a VERY catchy tune he wrote himself ...


Now just scroll on down to the NEXT section to learn more about Mind Movies and how they work.

Six gifts to beef up your CMI (and get great, quick results)
Wallace Wattles

In August I was introduced to Ryan Higgins, a young factory worker from Australia — up 'til now! — who had sort of stumbled on a POWERFUL way to turn his "clear mental image" (CMI) of EVERYTHING he wanted to be, do, and have into his REALITY incredibly fast.

How fast?

Well, how about ... within 90 days?

I know. I was blown away by that, too.

(Especially since the #1 question from new Science of Getting Rich students is about how to EFFECTIVELY visualize what they want in a way that gets results.)

This young guy went from packing boxes for a living to traveling the world, following the sun, and basically doing whatever he wants all day.

(Kind of like me!) :-D

Anyway, Ryan's pretty darned excited about the transformation in his life — almost like a little kid in some ways — and that comes through BIG in the brief video you can watch below.

But the REALLY cool part is that Ryan will GIVE you SIX versions of what he created right now. For nothing. You don't have to buy anything. So you can start using your free "Mind Movies" right away.

Hmm. Great results. Fun. Free. That's a combination I'm definitely trying out! And bunches of Certain Way readers are already loving them. See what YOU think!

'How do I get rid of my negative thoughts?'

That's a question that's CONSTANTLY asked by newcomers to The Science of Getting Rich.

Well, here's one extremely straightforward answer!


OK, DISCLAIMER: This is just for FUN. To me, it's hilarious and I hope it "translates" well across borders, languages, and cultures.

Of course, you don't need to "get rid" of your negative thoughts at all. But that's a subject for The SOGR for Practical GeniusesTM Online Course and the Discussion Forum.

(And, hey, if this "technique" works for you, go for it!) ;-D

The science of winning love

"Love is always won, or attracted, by the person who is beloved."

So says our Mr. Wattles. And in this mini-ebook featuring one of his early articles, Wally himself shows you "the certain way" to attract the relationship you desire and how to rekindle or heighten love in an existing relationship of any sort — with a spouse or partner, with family, with friends.

Mac users: Click and hold.

Please note: The lovely "Love and Honor" website mentioned in this ebook is no longer available, as Adam Shreve, the author of that site, made his transition last summer. You can find out more about Adam (a fan of SOGR just like us) here:

This ebook is an Adobe PDF file (just like the The Science of Getting Rich ebook). You can also left-click to open the ebook online, then click the little disc icon in Adobe Reader® to "Save A Copy." If you need help with downloading or printing or need to get a free copy of Adobe Reader®, click here for the Tech Help page.

Four questions that will change your life. Immediately.Byron Katie - The Work

The biggest challenge most new fans of The Science of Getting Rich face seems to be this: How do I keep myself focused on what I want and what feels good when there's so much stuff that feels AWFUL constantly drawing my attention?

Well, the very best solution I've discovered for myself is wonderfully simple — and it's FREE, too.

I could tell you all about the woman who teaches this process right here, but instead I'll let you go to her site and explore all you want. This simple process of self-inquiry is an EXTREMELY powerful tool for dealing with painful or stressful thoughts of ANY kind. (If you go into it fully you will blow your own mind, actually. I spent ten amazing days at her "School for the Work" — wow!)

Now, as my teacher says, thoughts just come when they will. But when you do this quick and easy process, those thoughts will let go of YOU.

Sound good? IT IS! So go check it out for yourself right now. You have nothing to lose but any kind of pain, stress, or suffering that may visit you, either from time to time or continually. (While you're there, watch some of the little video excerpts of other people using this process to find peace. They're not complete — they're little tidbits — but they'll give you a taste of it

I can hardly wait for you to discover this soul-stirring gift of FREEDOM! :-D Go now, my friend!

'Your life is ... just the story you tell yourself ...'

So says the originator of the "vision video" craze on the web. Naturally, he adds, make it a good one!

Our pal, Wallace Wattles, would definitely agree. In fact, if there's anything at all he emphasizes, it's the need for a "clear mental image" of whatever you desire to be, have, and do. Now Wally's early 19th-century idea blazes into 21st-century technology with a bang — and a whole lot of fun and enthusiasm.

See for yourself what a powerful concept this is by treating yourself to the clear mental image of Science of Getting Rich for Practical Geniuses™ student "Rainbowspirit" (Iris in Germany):

"You don't have to do anything ...'
Science of Getting Rich Law of Attraction Reminder Card

Download, clip out, and carry this little Pocket Reminder Card with you to help you ease into shifting your thoughts gently AWAY from things you don't want more of and ONTO the things you truly desire to be, do, and have.

Just print it out on both sides of a sheet of paper, fold, and you're done!

(Well, you'll also want to read the couple of inspiring and practical short stories from SOGR readers who are already using the tips to great effect!)

Note: BOTH sides have extremely simple and USEFUL reminders, including a bonus from LifeLab™ 27 of The Science of Getting Rich for Practical Geniuses™ Online Course.

Mac users: Click and hold.

This ebook is an Adobe PDF file (just like the The Science of Getting Rich ebook, but only two pages). You can also left-click to open the ebook online, then click the little disc icon in Adobe Reader® to "Save A Copy." If you need help with downloading or printing or need to get a free copy of Adobe Reader®, click here for the Tech Help page.

'Those who hear not the music think the dancers mad.'
Science of Getting Rich video

OK, do this right now: Take just three minutes to experience the SHEER JOY of watching Matt dance his way around the world.

Who wouldn't want to be THAT kind of "mad?" ;-D

Personally I just LOVE the music — recorded 36 years ago by Afunakwa in Fataleka in the Solomon Islands — and could listen to it all day long.

I've watched this captivating little video half a dozen times and just can't wipe the big goofy grin off my face. (And I don't want to, either!)

'Charity is no solution to poverty.'
nobel prize winner backs up science of getting rich principles

Wallace Wattles said that very thing in his 1910 book, The Science of Getting Rich, of course. But that quotation is from just last week — from Professor Muhammad Yunus, on being named recipient of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize.

Professor Yunus believes that "institutions and organizations" hold the key to ending poverty. Well, as students of The Science of Getting Rich we'd have to go back a little further to the THOUGHTS that create those institutions and organizations.

Yet all ACTION is born of our thinking, and Professor Yunus shows that shifting our perceptions and our focus brings about tangible, major changes.

For some excellent food for thought and ideas about "inspired action," read the FABULOUS article from the Wharton Business School.

You can also listen to a quick (under two minutes) interview with Professor Yunus right after he learned he'd been awarded the Nobel Prize last Friday. (Once they get him on the line, he has some worthwhile insights — quick and to the point.)

Keep your eye on the ball!

Wallace WattlesHere's an example of one "moving picture" definitely being worth more than any number of words used to describe it. (A thousand wouldn't begin to capture it.)

Just enjoy watching this amazing feat of focus and skill. This fellow clearly LOVES what he does, too!

'Check Your Intention!'
Cynthia James

One of my dearest friends gave me a Cynthia James CD, "Standing in the Light," about four years ago, and I've been a huge fan ever since. There's a good chance you're about to become one, too!

Personally, I love every single song on this album, and that's not usually the case for me. But my favorite has to be "Check Your Intention," a lively and to-the-point reminder to us that when things don't seem to be turning out the way we'd like, a look at how we've been thinking and what we've really been expecting will unfailingly show us what's going on. (Plus, it's got a good beat and you can dance to it!)

"Standing in the Light" and "Promised Land" are two of my other favorites, and "Land of Love" (inspired by a trip to Bhutan) is a delicious love song.

You can sample Cynthia's terrific voice and lyrics below. The hi-fi broadband samples are best, of course, but the lo-fi/slow connection ones are better than NOT hearing her! ;-)

(If you click "Play All Songs/Hi-fi," your Windows Media Player or other audio player will automatically open and a playlist of all the songs will appear. Number 5 is "Check Your Intention," and I recommend it first.)

'Yo ho ho' and all that ...

That new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie has nothing on us! (Except a multi-million dollar budget, big stars, and hi-tech special effects.)

OK, so we're just hitching onto their coattails for a goofy little ride here.

First, if you haven't read the Certain Way article, "Infinite Underpants," from a couple months back, you'll need to click right here and check it out. Otherwise, the pirate you're about to hear from will make NO sense to you whatsoever. (And even then ...)

Once you're up to speed on the amazingly brilliant "Underpants Approach" to relaxing your thinking on the subject of money, then:

(Be sure to have your sound turned on and to roll your cursor over the pirate a few times. Argh.)

Starting with almost nothing, he ended up with ...
Kyle trades a paper clip for a house

A little over eight minutes from now you're going to be feeling delighted and perhaps even a bit amazed at what one young man from Canada has accomplished

Notice how Kyle started right where he was, with what he had — something that SEEMED incredibly small.

Notice how everyone in the chain of transactions benefited and felt that they got more than they gave ("more in use value").

Notice how Kyle let it be easy and didn't worry about the how or when. He just PLAYED with his idea of what he wanted. He let it be fun and just enjoyed the ride.

Notice how the item had practically no financial value in itself but that the value came from Kyle's BIG, FUN IDEA and what he did with that little valueless object.

Notice how the ACTION he took wasn't forced in any way but was INSPIRED by his idea — his "clear mental image."

And when you're done watching, let yourself wonder how YOU, too, can let yourself dream, believe, and be inspired by your own thinking!

Driving your "clear mental image" home
think positively!

Positive Reflections™ are our unique (and almost magical!) little placards that you can download, print out, and perch on your car's dashboard to help keep your thinking in harmony with whatever it is that you desire.

But they're not just ordinary little signs. The "magic" is that the inspiring saying printed on them reflect at the bottom of your car's windshield/windscreen without interfering with your vision. (In fact, they're GREAT for your "vision," and if I do say so myself, they're extremely cool!)

Three new "Reflections" and easy how-to instructions are right here on this website, so you can get 'em and start using them right now. Enjoy! (One of them will make you laugh right out loud.) ;-D

He's up by three million bucks and a whole lot more!
Science of Getting Rich for Practical Geniuses Online Course RESULTS!

The Science of Getting Rich Network Discussion Forum is jam-packed with questions, answers, insights, aha! moments, and delicious success stories. Here's a taste of a recent one:

"Here is a little piece for all the skeptics and a little encouragement for the other members. This is an unsolicited testimonial given of my own free will.
"Since starting SOGR my personal wealth has grown by $3 million. I also have 5 properties, 2 businesses. I holiday 3 times a year and I have never been happier in my life. I spread my new found knowledge to various groups in public speaking and I am surrounded by like minded people who have become my friends. If any one can find a better format to lead your life than SOGR genius course I wish to know about it.
"Signed Croz from OZ"

(Remember: It's the first and only online course where YOU set your own tuition.)

fun with income tax
Government income tax agency adopts 'efficient action'

Well, if this new tax form were for real, it would definitely save a lot of time! ;-)

News with a more ACCURATE view of reality

"We believe virtue, goodwill and heroism are hot news. That's why we bring you up-to-the-minute news, geared to lift spirits and inspire lives."

That's the credo of the maverick news website,, created by 36-year-old Byron Reese of Austin, Texas, USA, to offer a more accurate view of reality than the distorted perspective found in most TV or print news outlets.

If you're looking for an alternative to the "traditional" news that generally tends to send your thoughts straight to what you definitely do NOT want more of, have a look at this intriguing site.

Why are these people smiling?
most generous philanthropists

Because they just gave away $7 billion.


In the last half-decade, Gordon and Betty Moore have given away 159% of their remaining net worth. And joining them on the list of the 50 top givers this year, you'll find a woman who has recently dished out 1000% of her remaining net worth. (If those numbers sound odd, you'll find the explanation when you visit the site below.)

Now, I show you these stories not as an incentive to participate in what Mr. Wattles calls charity in "any of the CONVENTIONAL ways" (which he points out generally tends to perpetuate the very things it aims to eradicate), but for two other reasons.

First, as an example of the astonishing power money gives you. (Practical GeniusTM course members will recognize how these people are using their money as a powerful VOICE.)

And second, as just one answer to questions I ask course members and Certain WayTM readers who say that what they want is "a million dollars" (or some other, even larger amount):

WHY do you want that? If you had it right now, EXACTLY what would you do with it? How would it make you FEEL?

The people you'll meet on the site below have some remarkable and very specific answers to those questions.

Countless reasons for gratitude and appreciation
Sir John Templeton

Ever heard of the Templeton Growth Fund? Well, if you had invested $100,000 in that fund back in 1954 when Sir John Templeton first started it, it would be worth more than $55 million now.

Sir John — born plain John Templeton in the hills of Tennessee here in the USA and now a naturalized British citizen knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1987 — turned 93 this month and is currently a full-time philanthropist who gives away about $40 million a year.

I tell you all this by way of letting you know this is a man who understands money and how to attract it and also knows the power of gratitude. Twenty-one years ago he gave a speech on gratitude that's every bit as wonderful today.

A computer for every child

When it comes to the desire to be of service to others, Wallace Wattles advises a new approach — a thoughtful, solution-oriented one:

"KNOW that you can help them, and dwell upon this knowledge until you have overcome the old habitual way of thought, and FEEL that you want to help them. Think CONSTRUCTIVELY about everybody. See them as beautiful, growing, and developing souls. See the advancing, growing side of every person, and enter into fuller sympathy with that side. And by doing so you will cause the best to come uppermost in all."

In other words, Mr. Wattles tells us — as always — to focus on what we want rather than on what we don't, which clearly means thinking about and acting on solutions, not problems.

So since you're a serious student of The Science of Getting Rich, I know you're going to LOVE reading the fascinating story of a man who sees and focuses on wonderful solutions where so many see only problems.

Not only that, but he CREATES those solutions. Right now he's working on getting the power of information and knowledge into the hands of every child on earth and has already come up with a laptop computer than can operate virtually anywhere and costs only about $100.

His current focus is getting the cost down to just $35 — and he's almost there.

Intriguing, isn't it? It gets even better when you get the whole story about this amazing fellow and his BIG, exciting ideas.

Many thanks to Certain Way™ reader and Practical Genius™ Paco in Motril, Spain, for sharing this fascinating news.

Learn the fine (and profitable!) art of laziness

How did the guy who calls himself the laziest, most unemployable man in America start two companies that were both featured on Inc. Magazine's list of the 500 fastest-growing companies — one of them listed twice and ranked #2, and the other growing from a one-man operation to $300 million in sales and 1100 employees?

Think it took a lot of hard, back-breaking work? Hours of shoulder-to-the-wheel and nose-to-the-grindstone stuff?

Absolutely not!

"I never did any work. No hard work. No soft work. Not even smart work. Work was never necessary, he says.

Fred Gratzon's delightful and hilarious book, The Lazy Way to Success: How to Do Nothing and Accomplish Everything, is packed with "aha! moments" for anyone embarking upon the certain way of thinking and acting.

See, all too often new readers of The Science of Getting Rich — and some not-so-new ones, too — get all caught up in the least important part of the process: Action.

We've all been taught that we're going to have to work hard to achieve anything worthwhile. So I guess it's only natural that we latch onto that "action" part of the process as if it's the part that, well, does the work.

But action is not only the least important part of the process, it's the LAST part. And if you get the first part right, then the action you end up taking (if any) will be MUCH less and MUCH easier than the "normal" way of doing things.

And that, my friend, is the ultimate leverage which allows you to get the greatest result from the least possible amount of effort!

This kind of leverage is exactly what Fred's ground-breaking yet light-hearted book is all about. It's about enjoying yourself immensely while all the heavy lifting just takes care of itself.

And it's definitely not like anything you've read before. Listen to just one of Fred's many scandalous statements:

"Hard work has no value. Let me be perfectly clear: Hard work is NOT the basis of success. Hard work has absolutely nothing to do with success. If, by chance, hard work and success are found together, it is a mere coincidence and definitely not a cause-and-effect relationship."

Hmm. Sounds like something our Mr. Wattles might have cooked up, doesn't it? ;-)

'You've got to find what you love,' says Steve Jobs

"Today I want to tell you three stories from my life. That's it. No big deal. Just three stories."

And what inspiring stories they are! If, like me, all you've known about Steve Jobs (up 'til now) was that he founded Apple Computers and Pixar Animation Studios, you'll be fascinated by what his life has encompassed and inspired by the attitude that's allowed him to see amazing opportunities in the midst of what appeared at first to be disasters.

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

Wake up laughing with Swami Beyondananda
Swami Beyondananda from

A few weeks ago I went to a local bookstore with my friend Dr. Alexandra Gayek of The Science of Being Well Network to listen to and laugh at the wackiness of Steve Bhaerman, aka Swami Beyondananda, who pokes fun at ... well, at pretty much everything, really.

And boy, did we get an earful! Here are a few random tidbits I enjoyed and hope you do, too (although, of course, they're MUCH funnier in person and in context):

"I almost ran out of money once. It was a near-debt experience."

"Each of us already has all the answers within. But matching them up with the corresponding questions — ah, that's the challenge!"

"Here's the key to succeeding: Find the seed in what sucks."

"Try this visualization exercise. Visualize all the peace groups getting along."

"Whatever it is you desire to do, NOW is the time to do it — because it's too late to do it sooner."

"We're all one. And each of us is totally unique — just like everybody else."

"I've created the ultimate meditation tape. It's blank."

"I travel on the higher planes all the time, and up there you want to lose your baggage."

"There are two kinds of mystics — the opti-mystics and the pessi-mystics. The pessi-mystics always say, "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" And the opti-mystics say, "No, it just looks that way because we're ascending." (See cartoon below!)

"Get out of 'reality TV' and into reality. Turn off your TV and turn on your neighbors!"

"One of the problems with relationships is that they involve other people. That's where it starts to get messy."

And my personal favorite: "The average child laughs 150 times a day. The average adult laughs 15 times a day. You do the math. Do the aftermath."

To the Swami (who says Beyondananda is an Italian name), nothing is sacred. Well, actually everything is sacred. But nothing is off-limits as a target of his gentle humor. Do I agree with everything he says and does? Nope. I just think humor is an excellent attitude adjuster. If you agree ...

No text necessary here!


It's Been Lovely
De-stress in just TWO minutes

When our emotions get the better of us our bodies stress out — and that can start a vicious circle that keeps us focused on what we do NOT want rather than on the clear mental image of what we DO desire.

Here's a quick and FUN way to measure your current stress level and LOWER it fast. Be sure to read and follow the simple directions exactly and you'll get great results!

Power up in just THREE minutes!

When I spoke at the  Underground Online seminar in Washington, DC, USA, back in 2005, I got to meet a BUNCH of Certain Way™ subscribers. What fun!

I also got to meet some other very impressive people, including a man I'd corresponded with a couple years ago after reading his wonderful, best-selling ebook. His name is John Harricharran and if you've ever read any of his writings or heard him speak, I'm happy to tell you he's every bit as delightful as the impression you got from his work.

Now, that best-selling ebook appealed to me hugely because in it John has captured the essence of the principles in The Science of Getting Rich in a story form. And he's also sort of condensed it into three simple steps. It's really a delicious and very USEFUL ebook.

I personally love it that there's a variety of people today presenting these principles in their own unique ways. While the same principles apply to everyone equally, we don't all learn in the same way, so no one writer or teacher is a "perfect" match for everyone. John just might be the one who really "speaks" to YOU!

Go ahead and take a look. I think you'll find yourself thinking, hey, he's describing the certain way!)

How much is 'enough?'
Mr. Everit's Secret: What I Learned from the World's Richest Man

"'Enough' is not a number or condition to be attained," he explained. "It's an attitude you cultivate. Most people go to great pains to decide how they will invest their money, but think little about how they are investing their thoughts, which are more crucial. They spend most of their attention on the one thing that went wrong, and overlook the thousand things that went right. They don't realize that you get more of whatever you focus on."

So says Mr. Everit, in Alan Cohen's new book, Mr. Everit's Secret: What I Learned from the World's Richest Man.

You can read a wonderful excerpt from it on the IAM Foundation's web site. Right there in the middle you might start to think he's saying money isn't important, but keep on reading ... ;-)

(You can learn more about the vision and work of this fascinating foundation below, plus their wonderful offer of free books and music.)

Colorful reminders to help keep you thinking and acting in the certain way
Free Science of Getting Rich mini-posters

These four mini-posters are great for putting up around your workspace — on your computer, desk, or walls. Or use 'em as bookmarks, stick on your refrigerator, in your notebook — anywhere they can serve as gentle reminders and encouragement for living in the certain way.

Mac users: Click and hold on link above.

This is an Adobe PDF file (just like the The Science of Getting Rich ebook). You can also left-click to open the file online, then click the little disc icon in Adobe Reader® to "Save A Copy." If you need help with downloading or printing or need to get a free copy of Adobe Reader®, click here for the Tech Help page.

Modern science reveals ...

In the never-ending pursuit of knowledge, real, live scientists devote their careers to uncovering more about what makes us and the rest of the universe tick.

And so in the spirit of science (and just because I find it amusing), I share with you now this tidbit from research that offers new insights into the power of our thoughts and feelings.

Gorillas in our midst

As students of The Science of Getting Rich, we know that what we experience in our lives is a result of the thoughts we give our focus, faith, and feeling to. And so we're learning to be careful where we place our attention because, "What you give your attention to grows."

Now Harvard researchers offer us evidence of something called "innattentional blindness." This happens when our attention is so fixed on something that we fail to notice whatever else is going on right in front of us.

In their study, test subjects watched videos of six people passing a basketball back and forth. They were told to count the number of passes.

Afterwards they were asked if they'd noticed anything unusual.

Overall, about half the observers failed to notice a short woman in a black gorilla costume walking through the action.


So the researchers tested a new group of observers and this time the gorilla stopped, faced the camera (and the observers) and thumped its chest before moving on.

Guess what? Same results! Only half noticed the gorilla again.

So how about this: If your focus, faith, and feeling aren't aimed toward what you desire to be, do, or have but if you are instead focusing on other things (like the things you don't want, for instance!), the very thing you deeply desire to be, do or have could be staring you in the face right now — and even waving its arms and thumping its chest — and you've got only about a 50% chance of even noticing it's there.

The power of focus is awesome — and Mr. Wattles was "right on the money" in his description of that power.

If you're interested in the rest of the study, click here.

Vision Screen Saver FREE from The Science of Getting Rich Network
Hold the highest vision

Lately a lot of readers have been asking to re-download our special Vision ScreenSavers that are sent to new subscribers.

I love seeing all those wonderful quotations filling up the screen, too, so I'm happy to provide that link again.

Note: The screensaver works on PCs. There may be a version for Mac users shortly. Watch The Certain Way™ for news.

Being Well! software
Be Well! software

I don't know about you, but I'm grateful for all the help I can get to keep myself thinking and acting in the certain way — in every area of life.

So that makes this little gift from Dr. Alexandra Gayek and her Science of Being Well Network especially delightful!

(And you're welcome to pass the download page on to friends, too.)

'Make the world a better place: Get rich'

Recently Daniel Akst, a novelist and columnist in Tivoli, New York, offered this year's crop of college graduates some uncommon advice quite unlike that of most commencement speakers.

In fact, his guest article which appeared in The Wall Street Journal sounds quite a bit like a 21st-century approach to what Mr. Wattles tells us right in Chapter 1 of The Science of Getting Rich and on throughout the book.

"I hope what you are dreaming of is making the world a better place, and unlike all these other kibitzers, I can tell you exactly how to do so. Just go out and make the most money you can.

"I know this is news you don't especially want to hear. And I know it sounds callous. So instead of trying to prove the case by cold, hard logic, let me tell you a story ..."

Announcing ...
The Science of Being Well Network!
The Science of Being Well free ebook -- Wallace Wattles, Dr. Alexandra Gayek

I'm thoroughly delighted to bring you this hour-long audio interview with Dr. Alexandra Gayek, who has launched an exciting website, bringing you the second book in Mr. Wattles' trilogy, The Science of Being Well!

You can get your free ebook and a free subscription to her dynamite ezine, Be Well! — plus a whole bunch of other great stuff that's on the way. Just click the link below to visit:

Dr. Alexandra Gayek, The Science of Being Well Network

To listen to the interview, click the little green arrow button below. (If you need to pause the audio, click the last button. Then click it again to pick up where you left off.)

Audio interview with Dr. Alexandra Gayek

UPDATE: It's been a year this month since Dr. Gayek launched her new website and ebook, and many truly amazing stories of healing and physical transformation are arriving from from readers learning to apply the certain way of thinking and acting to their health and wellbeing!

("Remarkable" is putting it mildly. You'll LOVE these stories, so be sure to subscribe to Alexandra's great Be Well!™ monthly ezine.)

And don't forget: The Science of Being Well can help you better understand and apply The Science of Getting Rich, too!

How one woman's job loss sparked some creative thinking and a whole new career

It could have been devastating when a "pink slip" brought Jennifer Voitle's $100,000+ income crashing down to nothing and no new jobs in her field were forthcoming.

But instead of giving in or giving up, this "trained engineer and financial expert with four advanced degrees and a gift for numbers theory" chose to look beyond the obvious and go past mere appearances into a whole new world.

Now enjoying her unusual new work in a surprising new field that requires NONE of her formal training and expertise, she's on-track to make as much or more this year as she did before!

Even better, she's having a great time. "Can you believe they call this work?"

Whether she knows anything about the principles in The Science of Getting Rich or not, she sure does know how to see opportunity in circumstances where so many others see only lack. And that's why I invite you to ...

I've got a terrific story to tell you
(and a free preview pass to a private web site, too!)
Rebecca Fine talks about prosperity, the science of getting rich

We've had audio interviews before (in fact, there are links to a couple of them on this page), but always before I've been the one asking the questions.

This time out, I'm on the other side as Leigh Beaty asks me all about The Science of Getting Rich and the life-transforming principles in the book. I hope you'll have as much fun listening as I did telling my story!

Just click the little green arrow button to play the audio. (If you need to pause the audio, click the last button. Then click it again to pick up where you left off.)

Audio Interview with Rebecca

Don't forget to get your free preview pass for Leigh's private, member-only website (where this interview was originally featured). When the site opens, watch for the little box that will appear in a few seconds with your "secret pass." Enjoy!

By the way, the nifty little software that automatically put the audio on this page was created by Certain WayTM reader (and "Practical GeniusTM Quentin Brown in Australia. It's so quick and easy to use I actually did it myself in just a few minutes.

Archived The Science of Getting Rich Network audio interviews
Stuart Lichtman
Forgotten wisdom from 1910 meets the 21st century!

Meet the multimillionaire businessman/scientist who'll show you exactly how to create your "clear mental image" — and get it FAST! He's taught more than 50,000 people so far (including me)!
NEW! Be sure to check out Stuart's free email mini-course based on his book!

  • Click here for the exciting audio and the original Certain Way™ article.

When you're in a bind, use creative mind ...

Learn how to turn frustrating, difficult situations into winning outcomes for everyone! Listen in to my conversation with Bob Burg, the bestselling author of Winning WITHOUT Intimidation. Great guy, fascinating stuff, and you'll be amazed at how SIMPLE it all is!

Use this handy "The Science of Getting Rich Pocket Guide" to keep your focus, faith and feeling!
Science of Getting Rich NETwork Pocket Guide (image)

When I was first learning The Science of Getting Rich, I memorized the summary in Chapter 17 to help get clear on the principles. I printed it out, blew it up to poster size, and slapped it on walls in every room in my house so I could read a bit every time I passed by. And I also printed out a small version to carry with me.

Both were big helps in staying on-track.

So here's an Acrobat PDF file (just like the The Science of Getting Rich ebook) that you can print, cut out and fold into a little booklet not much bigger than a business card. It's the first in a series, so keep watching The Certain WayTM for more!

New life for dusty old books ...

A while back I was interviewed by Yanik Silver, a 30-year-old internet marketing dynamo on the subject of finding and using old, out-of-print and public domain (expired copyright) books in exciting new ways — including very profitable ones. Yanik has studied The Science of Getting Rich and "gets it" so I was delighted to participate.

If this interests you (and I sure get a LOT of email questions from readers on this very subject!), click here to get the whole scoop. You can learn to do on purpose what I happened into "accidentally."

(No, this one's not free, but I sure could have used it back when I was tracking down and researching The Science of Getting Rich! So if you click on that link above and decide to get it for yourself, let me know and I'll send you even more info on public domain — a series of reports that's selling for up to $50 and more.)

NOTE: Websites tend to come and go, so if any of the links here are no longer working, try googling the topic to see if the site has been renamed or moved.

The Science of Getting Rich for Practical Geniuses(tm) Online Course - SET YOUR OWN TUITION!
The Science of Getting Rich Network audiobook on tape or CD


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