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I get asked questions all the time about the various features found on this site, how everything works, what tools or services I use. So in the interest of "efficient action," here are the answers all in one place!


The Science of Getting Rich ebook cover art

The cover art (book, ezine) and page headers were designed by Alpha del Bosque. Aren't they beautiful? Great work, great prices, and she's great to work with, too. Click here to see more examples.

TOTAL site automation

The site's automation system takes care of LOADS of tasks you'd normally have to do manually or try to manage with a variety of programs. It's a lifesaver, and the price is easily affordable no matter how small or large your site is.

Imagine ONE centralized, integrated easy-to-use system that does all this and more:

  • Adds subscribers to the mailing list (with a VERY useful automatic unsubscribe feature, too).

  • Broadcasts email to everyone on your mailing list — or any special "sub-list" you want.

  • You can even schedule ezine or other mailings up to a year in advance. (Great if you need a vacation!)

  • Follows up automatically (as many times as you want) with your new subscribers.

  • Takes online credit card or echeck orders, processes the charges, sends the customer a confirmation email, and sends the order info to you or to your fulfillment service. (It figures out EVERYTHING — shipping, taxes, affiliate commissions, whatever.)

  • Processes automatic monthly payments — great for subscriptions, private sites, etc.

  • Takes credit cards with your own no-hassle merchant account (even if your credit is less than perfect).

  • Signs up your Affiliates, tracks their commissions, and lets them check their own stats any time (and a lot more).

  • The Multi-Autoresponder system alone is worth the price. When a "prospect" becomes a "customer," it automatically removes them from the prospect message series and moves them to the correct one. No juggling or trying to keep it all straight — yahoo!

This system is truly outstanding and you really have to see it to believe it. Click here to see everything it can do for you and how relatively easy it is to set up. You can even try it out for a month for just $3.95. There are a few features I'd love to see added, but as it is, I still love it!

Automatic opt-in mailing list builder

The little pop-up on the main page that asks if you'd like a free copy of the book automatically adds a visitor's REAL email address to the subscription list. Because people have to click to ok their subscriptions, the system provides you with "spam protection" and the easiest way to build a list I've found — for pennies. Click here to see all the benefits and how utterly simple it is.

Discussion Forums

Social Strata offers a powerful system. We're not (yet) using HALF the features that come as standard equipment! Click here to see it all.

Acrobat PDF and ebook design

The Science of Getting Rich ebook and the Practical Genius™ transcripts and LifeLabs™ were created in Adobe Pagemaker, as are our upcoming print books.

If any of the links above are no longer working, well, that's just how things are online! (Give google a shot.)

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