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What listeners say about The Science of Getting Rich Audiobook (on Two CDs) ...

"Your tapes are excellent. You mention you are not a professional announcer; however, you speak from the heart and that comes through."

—Byron Wilt, Dover, Pennsylvania, USA

"I read the book, but it is so much better to listen to it. You did a really great job with the reading — are you sure you're not a pro at doing this? It is such easy and enjoyable listening.

"Wouldn't it be terrific if we could get this into the hands of each and every person that we care for in our lives? Thanks for sharing this with us."

—Della Wetterman, Waco, Texas, USA

"The Wattles tape sets were in my mailbox this morning. Rebecca has just the right balance of enthusiasm and sincerity ... any more polished would come across as contrived.

"Hearing the text read adds another dimension too. Although I have read it probably five or six times now, parts I remembered seemed enhanced somehow. Nice packaging, good introduction. You will not be disappointed."

—Capt. Chris Siegel, Beaufort, North Carolina, USA

"I never hesitated when the tapes were made available. I have been listening to them in my car. They are more than worth it. I am only on my second reading of the book, mainly due to time constraints. Not only do the tapes make very efficient use of my drive time, but as others have said, hearing somehow opens the door to another level of understanding."

—Deb Casey, Carver, Massachusetts, USA

"I have been listening to The Science of Getting Rich. You know, I am getting a lot more from the audio version. Thanks so much for that awesome taping."

—James R. Thomas

"I listen to the tapes during my one-hour commute to work, when I drive to lunch, and when I drive for another hour returning from work. Whenever I drive in my car I listen to them. It is far easier to take charge of 'programming my mind.'

"I had earlier greatly reduced my listening to talk radio ... Now all I listen to is Wattles. Oh thank you again. Great work."

—Michael Harrison, Houston, Texas, USA

"The tapes are great. I can listen to them even while I am working on the computer. They're better than music." ;o)

—Sharon Smith

"I just received the Science of Getting Rich tapes. You did a GREAT job narrating! Somehow, even though I read the book several times, hearing the book read is having a powerful impact. I love the fact that I can listen to it over and over anywhere I am. Thank you."

—Marge Clark

"I just started to listen to The Science of Getting Rich tapes. You've done a great job! Often times I'm not able to listen to a tape seriously because of the quality of the presenter's voice, their pace, or sometimes their attitude. I experience your presentation as very soothing and easy to stay with. Thank you for all your continued hard work."

—Shirley Spinetta, Newton, Massachusetts, USA

"I've had my tapes from you for a couple weeks and just started listening this morning on my hour-long commute. WOW! I've been hearing stuff like this here and there all my life. I'm in cognition shock! And I see I will get it this time around ... my, my, my — I have a bit o' work to do! And I'm sooo grateful to you for bringing all this to me and to everyone who gets to it!"

—Lynne Lightowler-Buck, Bainbridge, New York, USA

"A very BIG thank you for getting the tapes to me before I left for three weeks. It made it by one day. Thank you for leading us to The Science of Getting Rich. I expected changes and changes we are getting! God bless and keep up the good work and focus."

—Bernie Andrade

"Ay, what a blessing to have the book on tape. I have listened repeatedly, and it is sinking in, if you know what I mean. For me, it was difficult following Wattles' thread in print, but on tape I can hear the whole context of the message. And it's powerful!"

—Ivan Ramos, Rochester, New York, USA

"I saw the book and was so impressed with it that I ordered the audio and play it everyday during my travelling in my car. As many have commented you do an excellent job on the tapes."

—Vince Mullowney, England, UK

"I listen to my SOGR CDs on the way to work and back. Sure makes people look at me when I pull up to a stop light with the windows down! Maybe someday someone will ask what I am listening to, until then, I will keep on sharing via my car stereo!"

—A true admirer, Ron Holcomb

"I ordered the SOGR tape series from you recently. It's extraordinary, and very timely too. Thank you so much for making this great book available, and you did a great job on the tapes — I'm soaking them up like a sponge."

—Osmotically yours, Tim Clausen

"I downloaded the book some time ago but, for me, it doesn't compare to the tapes which I received yesterday. What a wonderful, joyous way to remember who we are and the power within each of us. Thank you, Rebecca, for a beautiful job well done. You have a lovely voice. Many thanks."

—Renee Kleckner, Garland, Texas, USA

"Just to let you know that the audio tapes arrived very quickly all the way from the US to the UK and they are great. Thank you."

—Anne Groom

"Thank you for the audio tapes I received last week. It is really very, very helpful while driving when one cannot concentrate on reading."

—Ivan Huska, Nagoya and Tokyo, Japan

"I am so pleased that I ordered the audio ... of this fine book! While I've read the e-book a few times already (highlighted to the max — y'know?), there is much to be said for listening to these words every time I get in my SUV.

"You did a tremendous job of narration, so any concern you may have had regarding this should be put to rest!

—Terry Hale

"I am really glad that I accidentally came across your site and downloaded the SOGR book. I was so impressed with the book that I ordered it from you on audio. Now I listen to it just about every day! I think you have done an excellent job of putting the whole book onto audiotape.

"I have read a lot of books and listened to a lot of programmes on personal development but this has to be the BEST!"

—Chaman Lal, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK

"Just wanted to thank you for the quick delivery of the audiotape program. What a great way to start my day. Keep up the great work!"

—Robert Sulcov

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What subscribers say about The Certain Way ezine ...

"I now receive (too) many e-mail newsletters. Most of them are just poorly disguised sales pitches. I would like to say 'Thank You' for your newsletters. They are informative and uplifting. While you also include contact information and products within your newsletters, it is clear to me that the main focus of your e-mails is to provide value for your readers. You are an exceptional exception.

"So, thank you! again for this service you are providing."

—Paul Vela

"I loved the latest Certain Way ... You have amazing honesty & a very exciting energy about you (even in an e-mail!)."

—Katie Leonie, Queensland, Australia

"I wanted to let you know that this issue of The Certain Way was top notch! Excellent. Your good work is not going unnoticed. Thank you." : )

—Anthony J. Torres

"Just wanted to send you my response to your latest newsletter. It is: 'YOU GO GIRL !' It is so refreshing to read the truth spelled out in simple, straightforward language."

—Joe Alberty

"What an abundant gift you are to the world! Your ezine and the book have been such a blessing. Thank you!"

—Cheryl J. Young

"I am so inspired by how you hit it right on the head on every issue that you write."

—Rich Molumby

Your last Certain Way ... has left me feeling on top of the world!"

—Ruby Curran

"I enjoy your newsletter very much. In fact it is one of the newsletters that I look forward to receiving. Thank you for all that you give Rebecca! From one soul who loves what you do and constantly uses it to Brighten My World and the people in it."

—Allan Marston

"I just wanted to let you know how much I really do appreciate your regular e-mails and how inspirational they are."

—David J. Bennett

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What course members say about The Science of Getting Rich for Practical Geniuses™ ...

“I have had so many results that it is so hard to post them all without a long story for each ... It is incredible! I believe it is because everything the book says is so much clearer because of Rebecca talking it through, giving real life examples, and the group’s experiences. I absolutely love the book and the class.”

—Bonnie Lelak, Canton, Georgia, USA

"I think that for the first time ever since I've been alive someone has suggested the buyer putting a price tag on some good or service, which is not only a stroke of genius on your part but also a sign of honesty and integrity."

—Yigit Djevdet, London, England

“This class has been teaching me the ‘how-to’ so that it isn’t just intellectual, it’s practical. Thanks a million times!”

—Dianna Wyman, Fairfield, Maine, USA

"Your course is brilliant! You've done such a masterful job ... I'm so impressed... Wally would be proud of you, Rebecca!"

—Rick Pearce, Canada

“Whoa, is this ever the most practical course I've ever done!”

—Ann Abrahmsen, Australia

“Thanks for such a great class. I had first read the book back in June 2001, but I was not getting the results that I would have liked. I wasn’t clear on what it was that I wanted. I am refining that now, and it’s in no small part due to the class.

“For me, I like to be coached. I need it. I think that everyone does actually. It helps to keep me on course. Reminds me what I know, and what I have forgotten. ... The assignments are extremely helpful in getting the knowledge into my body. In this way, I ‘own’ the information and fully integrate it.

“As far as ‘use value’ being greater than the ‘cash value’ — absolutely! ... How can you even put a price on what is learned in a class situation like this? In my experience, when there is focus and commitment by a group of people — magic happens.

—Dar Bijarchi, Los Angeles, California, USA

“This whole class has changed my life in so many ways already, that I don’t even feel like the same person. My husband has been very impressed with my attitude since I’ve started this class. He’s getting just as excited about it as I am!”

—Cheryl Snyder, Meridian, Idaho, USA

"You really are amazing. You are truly the right person to be developing Mr. Wattle's philosphies."

—Dr. John G. Ryan, Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart that you are putting all this on-line so that so many people around the world can benefit from it.”

—Archan Lohnen, The Netherlands

“I have made more progress in my business in the past four weeks [since starting this class] than I have in the past six months! People are calling me out of the blue with comments like: ‘Hi, you and I spoke about your company back in August, and I’m ready to get started now,’ etc. Amazing!”

—Maureen Hannon, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

“I am deeply grateful for Rebecca, her genius, how beautifully she presents the material, and best of all that she has brought us together.”

—Lisa Augustine, Thousand Oaks, California, USA

"A very very very BIG Thank You. I am reading The Science of Getting Rich book for more than one and half years. And practising the principles in my daily life. I am also practising sincerely which is being taught in the Practical Geniuses classes.

"THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all the achievements in my life. Behind all my accomplishments — my thoughts, attitude, actions, habits, character are structured for success and happiness by your training through Practical Geniuses online classes."

—R.Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, London

"I wanted to send a personal thank you for the fine course you have put together. But it is more than just the lessons, it is the way you have put the project together and the way you advertised to have people sign up."

—Dusty Prentiss

“My 20-year-old daughter ... was going to Nashville for the weekend with her friend. She put out into the Universe that she wanted a little extra spending money and manifested over $100 cash in less than four hours.

“She said, ‘Mom, no one knew I was going away for the weekend and money kept popping up all around me — this stuff you do is CONTAGIOUS!”

—Dr. Loretta Standley, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

"I do have a 'vague' idea of the contents of your offered course. If I knew exactly what the whole program was, would it make an iota of difference as to my level of interest? No! My expectation is that, based on the sincerity of your messages, it's going to be enlightening."

— Robert Hill Gig Harbor, Washington, USA

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What readers say about the book, The Science of Getting Rich ...

"As I read this book I feel I have run across an old friend, someone who really understands me and also validates me. What a comfort. What I find that I like the best thus far is Wattles is not just saying we can, we can, we can, as many others do. He is telling us HOW. From the depth of my heart, I need to say thank you for sharing this."


"I downloaded and read the book Thursday night, staying up WAY too late doing it. I've started reading it again, slower this time. It has the ring of truth to it."


"It has just taken me seven chapters to be able to bring the picture into focus. Reading this book has been an amazing journey for me. (And I must say, as a person with a very strong science background, I had lots of difficulty at the beginning.)"


"I have seen some incredible things starting to happen."


"I wish I would have had the foresight and the openmindedness to read, absorb, and implement this type of knowledge and thinking many, many years ago ... It's never too late — but I sure wish I'd known about it 30 years ago!"


"A year ago, I probably would have blown off the whole idea of this book ..."


"As I read it for the second time early this morning I found myself wondering out loud why a book with 50 pages written 90 years ago could contain the necessary keys to unlock those last couple of doors that I've locked up and haven't been able to open, when the last 15 books and audio tapes I've read in the past five years haven't been able to, and this book was written well before these were. Amazing."


"Sixteen years as a nurse have taken a toll on me physically, psychologically and, yes, financially. It is time to get all those things in order. Thank you."


"My business and life took a turn around when I started applying these principles. I am completely convinced that there is indeed a 'Science to Getting Rich!'"


"This ... is helping me to rethink some of my life-long beliefs and I am feeling liberated already. That old load is being lifted!"


"I've committed to reading this book at least once each week through the end of this year!"


"I have never had money stay around long enough to develop a meaningful relationship. I am pretty much broke right now. [But] in the last few days, I've started [thinking and acting in the certain way]. Responses to my e-mails and ads are suddenly more promising, a 'pain in the ***' bill from a correspondence course I didn't want anymore dropped from $1400 to $50, and a maxed-out credit card debt of about $1500 was forgiven. Is it working already? I believe it is!"


"I love this book. My entire life is shifting because of it, not to mention my business."


"I will be sharing this book with everyone because I am so grateful you shared it with me ..."


"For years I have read about, worked on, and listened to tapes about money, prosperity, abundance. Here I am years later still dealing with lack. I just couldn't figure out what was wrong — what was missing. I had a lot of negative messages from my family re: money and those rich people who probably cheated or stole to get rich. 'They are not our kind.' I've always wanted to be rich but to even say it out loud I thought must be a sin ... I read The Science of Getting Rich cover-to-cover and something clicked. "


"WOW! It really works!"


"I'm starting to believe THIS WORKS. And I'm believing it more each minute."


"I feel like a curtain has been lifted and I can see the opportunity that was there all along."


"It works. I'm going to continue to move forward. It feels too good to stop."


"I had no idea what an amazing experience this would be."


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Other comments ...

"I have made several wonderful friends from the discussion board. Again, your efforts are really making a big difference in the world."

—Rhonda Colbert

"I downloaded your screensaver today and it's stunningly good. Superb. Keep Wattling (what cheek for me to say that to you!)"

—Ken MacColl, Scotland

"Your screen saver is A+++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!"

—Margaret Lachat

"I think the screensaver is very beautiful, the text in the first place and also the backgrounds. These sayings are so true that it is a joy to read them over and over again. Even people visiting me in my home office and sitting at the side of my desk stop talking and start reading. That's so nice. Thank you for giving us this wonderful present."

—Archan Martyn, The Netherlands

"I have taken some of your SOGR classes and read your version of the ebook. This information is really valuable ... thank you for all your sharing!"

—Pat Rubino, M.A.

"I love the screensaver I downloaded from your site."

—Terry Kelly

"I am so impressed by your clarity and integrity as you continue to give example, lessons and inspiration to people to proceed with the principles of taking action in the Certain Way. The letter you posted along with the strength and certainty with which you expressed where you are coming from with this work is exceptional. I just have to say again how fortunate I feel to have found you and this work in the virtual universe!"

—Mary Helmm

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