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Thanks to sometimes overzealous spam filters, there's a good chance you will NOT receive your gifts unless you use these tips

Here's how to make sure your download instructions make it into your email inbox ...
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Welcome aboard! Your download instructions have been emailed to you. In case there’s a problem in delivery, no problem! They will be automatically resent in 24 hours, (just in case).

Getting past SPAM filters

Because of the prevalence of SPAM, you or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have SPAM filters set up on your email. (If your ISP has done it, you may not even be aware that your messages are being filtered.) You may also be using a SPAM filtering service like SpamArrest, Matador, ChoiceMail, or something similar.

If you are using filters of any kind it is very likely that you will NOT receive your download instructions unless you specifically set them up to ...

Allow email from these “domains:”



  • Hotmail: Place the domains above in your “safe list.” This can be accessed via the “Options” link next to the main menu tabs.

  • AOL: Place the domains above in your address book.

  • Yahoo!: If the newsletter is filtered to your “bulk” folder, open the message and click on the “This is not Spam” link next to the “From” field.

  • Verizon: Log into your account at, go to the "Options" section, then the “Block Senders” tab. You can then add the domains shown above to your “safe list.”

  • Other providers: Try adding the domains above to your address book or contact list.

  • If these tips don’t work: Call or email your ISP’s tech support and specifically ask how you can be sure to receive all emails from the domains above. Follow their instructions for listing our domains.

  • If possible, also allow email from these IPs: and

  • Finally, remember that your download instructions will automatically be sent to you again in 24 hours, so there is no need to call or email to have them resent. Thanks!

Many blessings to you, my friend, and —
EXPECT Success!


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