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"... the whole matter turns on receiving."

Wallace D. Wattles,
in The Science of Getting Rich


“Whoa, is this ever the most practical course I've ever done!”

—Ann Abrahmsen, Australia

“This whole class has changed my life in so many ways already, that I don’t even feel like the same person. My husband has been very impressed with my attitude since I’ve started this class. He’s getting just as excited about it as I am!”

—Cheryl Snyder, Meridian, Idaho, USA

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart that you are putting all this on-line so that so many people around the world can benefit from it.”

—Archan Lohnen, The Netherlands

“I am deeply grateful for Rebecca, her genius, how beautifully she presents the material, and best of all that she has brought us together.”

—Lisa Augustine, Thousand Oaks, California, USA

"A very very very BIG Thank You. I am reading The Science of Getting Rich book for more than one and half years. And practising the principles in my daily life. I am also practising sincerely which is being taught in the Practical Geniuses classes.

"THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all the achievements in my life. Behind all my accomplishments — my thoughts, attitude, actions, habits, character are structured for success and happiness by your training through Practical Geniuses online classes."

—R.Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, London

"I wanted to send a personal thank you for the fine course you have put together. But it is more than just the lessons, it is the way you have put the project together and the way you advertised to have people sign up."

—Dusty Prentiss

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Dear friend,

Something I hadn't foreseen has happened.

While I'm just tickled with how many Certain Way readers are going to be joining in the new online course, I've gotten a LOT of email from people apologizing for what they consider "small" payments. Several have asked me not to consider their payments as any kind of insult.

Oh my gosh! There's nothing to apologize for, and I'm certainly not insulted by anyone expressing confidence in me by registering.

One very thoughtful course member wrote me to express her concern that there may be a lot of us who want to participate but will not sign up because of embarrassment about finances. Another offered these pertinent remarks:

"As I've learned from Wattles and others, ANY discomfort around an issue of money indicates that more work needs to be done. The more discomfort, the more work. You've offered a gift. But more than that, it's a gift that requires some thought to accept.

"... Accepting gifts can be quite troublesome for the financially challenged because issues of worthiness arise."

I appreciate these reminders so much. And with my marketing background I'm well aware that if there are people speaking up, that means there are a lot more people who have the same thoughts and feelings but are NOT speaking up.

I have to admit I didn't foresee that — and I sure don't want it to become an obstacle for anyone. The whole point of the "set your own tuition" offer and putting the course into an online format is to break down obstacles! (And I also confess I was feeling pretty darned pleased with myself — just so sure I'd come up with THE perfect solution. OK, lesson learned!)

Even small seeds grow!

So, if you're feeling that a "small" payment would insult me, please remember that in the world of the formless where everything begins (the realm of cause), there is no such thing as size. No limitations. I'm just asking each person who wants to do this course to give the amount careful consideration and come up with the figure that's right for him or her at this time. To me, you're making a sacred contract with yourself. And even "small" seeds grow into big and mighty trees!

(You'd be real surprised, I'll bet, at the wide range of payments made so far. We really are "all over the map" in every way you can think of. But no one needs to apologize or explain. I'm not sitting here judging folks on what they pay — or anything else.)

I want to be crystal clear about this: Whatever amount you come up with as right for you is right for me, too. I will just say "Thank you. I accept."

And then we'll get going!

Now I know I said I'd be brief, but you know me. I can't resist telling you a quick (I promise!) story that I think fits this situation SO well ...

All she had to do was say "yes!"

Last summer I attended an excellent workshop where the fellow doing the teaching had his book for sale. There was a woman there (let's call her Dee) who really wanted that book but he hadn't brought enough to meet the demand. So he said that he'd be glad to mail the book out the very next day to anyone else who wanted one.

Well, Dee was very upset that she couldn't have one NOW. She was also quite vocal about that annoyance, but there really wasn't anything more the man could do. Then a young woman sitting behind Dee spoke up and, with a big smile, said, "I don't mind waiting for the book. Why don't you take mine?"

But Dee refused. "No, I couldn't do that." The younger woman said it was really fine with her, but Dee just kept saying no (and continuing to radiate her displeasure, too).

At the break I asked Dee if I could share a thought that had sort of hit me while that exchange was going on and she said yes. (It was that kind of workshop; I wasn't just being a busybody!)  ;-)

So I said, "You know, Dee, I think the Universe just tried to give you what you want and you said no." Honestly, she could have had the book right then and there. All she had to do was accept it. This was her reply: "I don't see it that way. I just saw someone trying to be nice."

And I thought, well, yes, and that's how our good comes to us — through other people. (Mr. Wattles even says exactly that in the book.)

So I wonder just how often we all unwittingly deny ourselves exactly what we need and desire because of how we are seeing circumstances and events and because we somehow — usually unconsciously — want to control HOW our good (of every kind) is delivered.

Good is trying to come to us but we don't see it, and so we say no. But we have, in every moment, the freedom to change our viewpoint — our thinking, the way we see — and thereby change the "results" we get.

That's The Science of Getting Rich in a nutshell!

You see, abundance is always available to us, but we have to choose to make ourselves available to it. If we desire to have more, we must be willing to receive, to accept. And we ARE worthy!

And so, my friend, if good — financial good, and more — is trying to come to you through this "set your own tuition" offer, what's the point in saying no?

It takes practice to get good at anything, and most of us need a lot more practice in receiving as well as giving. And in this instance, you and I get to practice both — if we're willing. I am! So come on and join the fun!

Many blessings, and, of course —
EXPECT Success!
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Rebecca Fine

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