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"While you are getting firmly established ... do not read pessimistic or conflicting literature ..."

—The Science of Getting Rich, Chapter 16

While these books and tapes have been carefully selected NOT to conflict with the principles and system laid out in The Science of Getting Rich but to help clarify and show practical ways of implementing them, I suggest you delay diving into them until you are "firmly established" in Mr. Wattles' system. We often have a tendency to want to rush into the new before we take the time to master — and see results from — what's already before us.

He notes in other writings: "Read less and think more. Read about great things and think about great questions and issues ..." So take time to fully explore and USE the "great things, questions, and issues" in The Science of Getting Rich first. Remember, "There is never any hurry on the creative plane!"

Rebecca Fine


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Money and meaning

The Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth PhD

The Energy of Money: A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment

By Maria Nemeth, PhD

"... a refreshing, useful, and surprisingly accessible mixture of financial advice and the much rarer — but no less important — ethereal side of fiscal self-management."

A clinical psychologist who once lost $35,000 in a fraudulent investment scheme, Maria Nemeth learned from that ordeal (and similar experiences of friends and associates) how most of us develop relationships with money, and the ways in which we subsequently can bring these in line with our actual dreams and realities.

She initially used this knowledge to start a workshop called You and Money, which eventually attracted more than 4,500 participants and led to the development of the concepts shown in this book.

[Note: I took her briefer workshop, also called The Energy of Money, and found and plugged up a $2,142+ "money leak" before the class even ended! Read about it here.]

Quoting relevant wisdom from Joseph Campbell and Ram Dass to Mark Twain and Dorothy Parker, Nemeth sets out "12 principles for personal fulfillment" designed to help readers "uncover the hidden landscape of beliefs, behavior patterns, and habits that underlie and sometimes subvert how you use money and other forms of energy."

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Needleman Money and The Meaning of Life

Money and The Meaning of Life

By Jacob Needleman

If we understood the true role of money in our lives we would not think simply in terms of spending it or saving it. Money exerts a deep emotional influence on who we are and what we tell ourselves we can never have.

Our long unwillingness to understand the emotional and spiritual effects of money on us is at the heart of why so many have come to know, as Oscar Wilde wrote, "the price of everything and the value of nothing."

This is a remarkable book that combines myth and psychology, the poetry of the Sufis and the wisdom of King Solomon, along with Jacob Needleman's searching of his own soul and his culture to explain how money can become a unique means of self-knowledge.

Simply wonderful — and wonderfully challenging.

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Laws of Inner Wealth

By Sir John Templeton

Let Sir John take you on a guided tour through the wisdom of the ages. Discover the common denominator of outer and inner wealth as you learn to devote yourself to the ethical and spiritual principles of success.

Laws of Inner Wealth will show you how to:

  • Replenish your natural supply of spiritual wealth

  • Adopt a resilient attitude towards life

  • Control emotional distress

  • Avoid a sense of false prosperity

  • Find the endurance needed to reach your goals

  • Use love to heal your mind and spirit

  • Take the fear out of the unknown

  • Express gratitude through positive actions

  • Steer clear of doubts and fears that hold you back

  • Treasure your spiritual abundance

The Laws of Inner Wealth will inspire you to consider more deeply the laws you live by, and reap the rewards of their practical application.

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Mundis Making Peace with Money

Making Peace with Money

By Jerrold Mundis

Filled with inspirational, amusing, and instructive stories and anecdotes from the world's great wisdom teachings, this lovely little book is about creating a relationship with money that is free of stress, worry, and pain.

It offers practical advice on getting debt under control and managing spending, then outlines principles and practices for changing emotions, psychological attitudes, opinions, and beliefs about money, for bringing more money into your life, and for using it more effectively and pleasurably. (It would make an excellent gift for someone special to you.)

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Orman The Courage To Be Rich

The Courage To Be Rich

By Suze Orman

"What's keeping you from being rich?

"In most cases it is simply a lack of belief. In order to become rich, you must believe that you can do it, and you must take the actions necessary to achieve your goal. There is nothing wrong with wanting more.You do not need to feel guilty for wanting more. If, however, you deny the possibility that you can have more, you'll be making yourself a victim of today's circumstances, and the cost will be your tomorrow."

With these words financial planner Suze Orman launches her challenge to readers to once and for all face the financial facts and avoid fear, denial, and the self-fulfilling low expectations so many of us harbor. With true stories of how she and her clients have changed their financial pictures and a battery of practical step-by-step plans and procedures, this book puts her philosophical and fiscal views into "you can do it" how-to form.

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Alexandrov Affirmations of Wealth

Affirmations of Wealth: 101 Secrets of Daily Success

By V. John Alexandrov

Don't just read it; do the exercises (The "Self-Discovery Checklist" is a mind-opener!), then apply what you learn about yourself.

This book was written by a friend of mine and is a daily guide for many other friends.

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Practical money, wealth-building, and business skills

Jay Abraham Your Secret Wealth

Your Secret Wealth: Hidden Assets and Opportunities That Can Change Your Life

By Jay Abraham

I learned most of what I know about effective, smart marketing from Jay Abraham — concepts and skills that helped me get outrageous results for my copywriting clients. I believe the basis of what he what he teaches is the "certain way" of doing business so that all parties to any transaction benefit.

This program will show you how to easily, instantly and continuously get personal profits and all the abundant wealth you want out of your life, out of your job, out of your own business or any business with which you are involved.

What you learn here will help you gain control over your financial circumstances, your emotional circumstances, your career and your wealth.

You’ll learn to shift your focus from your own needs to the needs of others, learning to add value and transform the way others see you, discovering that wealth creation is really value creation.

The moment you open yourself up to exploration and discovery is the moment your wealth building process really turns on.

Jay has successfully guided over five thousand business owners to new heights of personal success. Why not you?

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Bettger How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling

How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling

By Frank Bettger

Written in 1947, this book has done nothing but improve with age. Even if your work doesn't involve "selling" per se, the common sense you'll find here will put you on the right track in keeping a winner's attitude, effectively sharing your enthusiasm, and getting your point across in a magnetic way.

Everyone with anything important to communicate to others should read this book!

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Clason Richest Man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon

By George S. Clason

Clear and correct financial advice presented as a gentle, inspirational and enjoyable ancient fable. You'll learn the foundational principles of saving and investing, and wonder why they seemed so elusive before.

A wonderful book for anyone, young or old, Clason's timeless story is a genuine classic.

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Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve

Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

By Stephen C. Lundin Ph.D., Harry Paul & John Christensen
Foreword by Dr. Kenneth Blanchard

You might think the story of how a bunch of fishmongers turned a dark, dingy, and dying business into a goofy (yes!), lively, and extremely profitable one has nothing to do with you or with the science of getting rich.

But think again! Read the Certain Way™ ezine article about this fishy phenomenon, then click below to get your own copy of this slim "business parable" so you can put these "secrets" to work, too!

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Accessing the untapped power of your mind

Think and Grow Rich and The Strangest Secret

By Earl Nightingale

In the two programs Think and Grow Rich and The Strangest Secret, you’ll hear about ideas that are as old as the Bible parables and as relevant to your life today as your paycheck.

These ideas are so powerful that they can begin changing your life the minute you put them into practice.

The entire motivational industry was built on the foundation of these principles, though they have never been explained as concisely or with more clarity and conviction than in these recordings by Earl Nightingale.

The Strangest Secret itself was the first spoken word recording ever to be awarded a Gold Record for surpassing the million record mark. And Think and Grow Rich is Earl’s explanation of the extraordinary book by Napoleon Hill that has been in print for more than 50 years and has sold over 10 million copies.

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Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich

By Napoleon Hill

Considered by many of the world's most successful people to be the bible of personal success and achievement, Think and Grow Rich is the culmination of Hill's 20-year commission from Andrew Carnegie to interview his generation's wealthiest men to discover the principles and practices they held in common.

The Master Mind principle, how to work in accordance with Universal Law, and how to develop a clear and definite goal are just a few of the concepts you will learn.

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Kimbro Hill Think and Grow Rich A Black Choice

Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice

By Dennis Kimbro (based on Napoleon Hill's classic)

This success guide for black Americans — based on the principles of wealth that Napoleon Hill formulated in his classic work — distills the secrets of success of many black Americans, from George Washington Carver to Bill Cosby, from Oprah Winfrey to Jesse Jackson.

Dennis Kimbro, an African American writer and lecturer for the Napoleon Hill Foundation, adapted and updated Hill's original manuscript, showing that such barriers as racism, discrimination, and perceived lack of opportunity do not have to become self-defeating obstacles.

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Bristol The Magic of Believing

The Magic of Believing

By Claude M. Bristol

For half a century, millions of successful people have read and sworn by Bristol's advice.

Bristol says: "The person with a fixed goal, a clear picture of his desire, or an ideal always before him .. is thus enabled ... to realize his goal in a minimum of time and with a minimum of physical effort."

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Canfield and Hansen The Aladdin Factor

The Aladdin Factor: How to Ask for and Get What You Want in Every Area of Your Life

By Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

It may seem strange at first. But the act of directly asking for something can be a tremendous challenge that stymies even the most successful people. According to Canfield and Hansen, the difficulty is rooted in a whole collection of psychological barriers, many of which have been with us since childhood. Fears ... pride ... limiting beliefs ... not realizing what is actually available to us ... or simply not knowing what it is we want in the first place.

The Aladdin Factor exposes these roadblocks, and teaches you solid, proven techniques for blasting through them to reach rewards that lie beyond.

You'll also find inspirational stories of people who have succeeded in getting what they want by asking for it. You'll recognize yourself in their stories, and realize just how much is out there waiting for you!

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Howard Psycho-Pictography

The New Way to Use the Miracle Power of Your Mind

By Vernon Howard

This review by a reader sums up this enlightening little book very well ...

"This book was originally published in 1965, hence the wacky title. Get past that, highlight what appeals to you, live it, and you will grow.

"At the heart of this book are 'Four Golden Keys to New Freedom and Happiness.' Cheesy, huh? Well, they work:

1. A sincere desire for inner change.
2. Contact with workable principles.
3. Self-honesty.
4. Persistence.

"Common sense, right? It's amazing how uncommon the use of it is. Even those who have heard of this advice and worked with it need REVIEW and PRACTICE, but most of all, a different outlook, a different perspective. This book provides that and more if you can open your mind enough to truly apply the wisdom within and see if it works for you, which, as the author states, is the only true test."

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James Allen As A Man Thinketh

As A Man Thinketh

By James Allen

Continually in print since its first publication in 1904, this tiny but powerful book is a classic. Here's how its author described it in his preface:

This little volume (the result of meditation and experience) is not intended as an exhaustive treatise on the much-written-upon subject of the power of thought. It is suggestive rather than explanatory, its object being to stimulate men and women to the discovery and perception of the truth that "They themselves are makers of themselves" by virtue of the thoughts which they choose and encourage; that mind is the master-weaver, both of the inner garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance, and that, as they may have hitherto woven in ignorance and pain they may now weave in enlightenment and happiness.

Discover why millions rely upon its wisdom!

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Pulos The Power of Visualization

The Power of Visualization

By Lee Pulos, Ph.D.

Testimonials from those trained in visualization come from all walks of life. From salespeople whose bottom lines have improved year after year. From managers whose professional standings have continued to rise. And from athletes whose championship dreams have come true.

But knowing the many benefits of visualization — hearing the inspiring stories of achievement and glory — does not translate into doing it for yourself…seeing your own successful future.

Training in visualization has only been available from experts in sports psychology and personal trainers. It has never been available in any easy-to-learn self-training system.

Until now. In this ground-breaking program, Dr. Lee Pulos demonstrates and explains this amazing technology for personal change.

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Schwartz The Magic of Thinking Big

The Magic of Thinking Big

By David J. Schwartz

Another oldie-but-goodie, this time from 1959, Thinking Big is filled with great examples and practical ways to build your confidence and get you thinking like a winner!

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More great stuff ...

intimidation.jpg - 6705 Bytes

Winning Without Intimidation

By Bob Burg

If you'd like to avoid negative confrontations and get what you want, when you want it, from whom you want it — without inflicting pain on yourself or others — Bob Burg can show you how with skill and humor.

I've tried this stuff, and the results are great! This is a book jam-packed with practical techniques for avoiding competitive mind and moving into cooperation and creative action.

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The One-Minute Millionaire:
The Enlightened Way to Wealth

By Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen

While the first half of the title may be a little misleading, the second half is right in tune with The Science of Getting Rich.

And the unique format of this book can help to make the principles it teaches more accessible and understandable. It's both a short novel AND a how-to book -- with the story running on the right-hand pages and the principles, tips, and strategies the characters are learning and using listed on the left.

The book tells the story of a young woman who finds herself in a situation where she MUST make a lot of money fast or lose her children.

Totally believable as a story? Not quite. Worth the read? You bet. You can gain some useful insights and generate some new ideas in the process.

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A Practical Guide to Prosperous Living

By J. Douglas Bottorff

Bottorff, a minister in Evergreen, Colorado, shows how to create a prosperous and fulfilling life by following your heart's desires and integrating the spiritual into ALL aspects of your life.

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Unstoppable: 45 Powerful Stories of Perseverance and Triumph from People Just Like You

By Cynthia Kersey

In this practical and inspirational book (by yet another fan of The Science of Getting Rich!) you'll learn about the seven characteristics of truly unstoppable people and find simple action plans for developing each characteristic to its fullest in yourself and becoming 100 percent unstoppable.

The real "juice" of this book is in the 45 stories of individuals who demonstrated an absolute belief in their dreams — and let NOTHING stop them from reaching for the "impossible." These stories can certainly help you put any challenge you are now facing into a new perspective.

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Brian Tracy Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

By Brian Tracy

If you release a rock from your hand it will fall, if water gets cold enough it will freeze, or if paper gets hot enough it will burn. These are laws of nature.

In The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement, Brian Tracy explains that there are also laws determining success. Laws that explain how people act in given situations. Laws that explain why some people triumph while others fail. These laws can predict outcomes in the game of life.

Many of the Universal Laws of Success and Achievement are taken from observations made by the greatest thinkers of the ages like Socrates, Confucius, Goethe, Franklin and Einstein. But others are “pearls of wisdom” from modern commentators – people famous for their practical common sense like Earl Nightingale, Roger Dawson and Robert Ringer.

Tracy believes that if you learn to live in harmony with these laws, they will work in you favor. In fact, The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement gives you a winner’s guide for playing the game of life.

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Laurie Beth Jones The Path

The Path

By Laurie Beth Jones

Knowing your unique mission — the purpose only YOU can fulfill — and being able to state it in one brief, compelling sentence helps keep you constantly focused and energized and attracts to you the right kind of people.

Your mission is bigger than your job or business and it's bigger than any or all of your other many roles. Use Laurie's simple and fascinating process to uncover and articulate your life's mission: You are already living it!

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