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As of November 2013, the course is not accepting new students.

We'll open for a short time in March 2014, so
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“This class has been teaching me the ‘how-to’ so that it isn’t just intellectual, it’s practical. Thanks a million times!”

—Dianna Wyman, Fairfield, Maine, USA

“I have had so many results that it is so hard to post them all without a long story for each ... It is incredible! I believe it is because everything the book says is so much clearer because of Rebecca talking it through, giving real life examples, and the group’s experiences. I absolutely love the book and the class.”

—Bonnie Lelak, Canton, Georgia, USA

“I have made more progress in my business in the past four weeks [since starting this class] than I have in the past six months! People are calling me out of the blue with comments like: ‘Hi, you and I spoke about your company back in August, and I’m ready to get started now,’ etc. Amazing!”

—Maureen Hannon, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

“Results from this course ... are starting to show up in unusual ways: My restaurant is busier than normal. I have people falling all over themselves to talk to me. Old friendships that have been taken for granted for years by both parties are being refreshed, renewed, reconfirmed, ‘re’ everything.

“The weight is lifting from my shoulders and I have more spring in my step. Things are falling into place more easily at home, work, on my desk, in my car, etc.”

—Dean Geyer, Delaware, USA

“Your course is brilliant! You've done such a masterful job ... I’m so impressed ... Wally would be proud of you, Rebecca!”

—Rick Pearce, Canada

“You really are amazing. You are truly the right person to be developing Mr. Wattle’s philosphies.”

—Dr. John G. Ryan, Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia

“Whoa, is this ever the most practical course I’ve ever done!”

—Ann Abrahmsen, Australia

“This whole class has changed my life in so many ways already, that I don’t even feel like the same person. My husband has been very impressed with my attitude since I’ve started this class. He’s getting just as excited about it as I am!”

—Cheryl Snyder, Meridian, Idaho, USA

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart that you are putting all this on-line so that so many people around the world can benefit from it.”

—Archan Lohnen, The Netherlands

“I am deeply grateful for Rebecca, her genius, how beautifully she presents the material, and best of all that she has brought us together.”

—Lisa Augustine, Thousand Oaks, California, USA

“A very very very BIG Thank You. I am reading The Science of Getting Rich book for more than one and half years. And practising the principles in my daily life. I am also practising sincerely which is being taught in the Practical Geniuses classes.

“THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all the achievements in my life. Behind all my accomplishments — my thoughts, attitude, actions, habits, character are structured for success and happiness by your training through Practical Geniuses online classes.”

—R.Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, London

“ I wanted to send a personal thank you for the fine course you have put together. But it is more than just the lessons, it is the way you have put the project together and the way you advertised to have people sign up.”

—Dusty Prentiss

“Thanks for such a great class. I had first read the book back in June 2001, but I was not getting the results that I would have liked. I wasn’t clear on what it was that I wanted. I am refining that now, and it’s in no small part due to the class.

“...[the] assignments are extremely helpful in getting the knowledge into my body. In this way, I ‘own’ the information and fully integrate it.

“As far as ‘use value’ being greater than the ‘cash value’ — absolutely! ... How can you even put a price on what is learned in a class situation like this? In my experience, when there is focus and commitment by a group of people — magic happens.

—Dar Bijarchi, Los Angeles, California, USA

“My 20-year-old daughter ... was going to Nashville for the weekend with her friend. She put out into the Universe that she wanted a little extra spending money and manifested over $100 cash in less than four hours.

“She said, ‘Mom, no one knew I was going away for the weekend and money kept popping up all around me — this stuff you do is CONTAGIOUS!”

—Dr. Loretta Standley, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

“I do have a ‘vague’ idea of the contents of your offered course. If I knew exactly what the whole program was, would it make an iota of difference as to my level of interest? No! My expectation is that, based on the sincerity of your messages, it’s going to be enlightening.”

— Robert Hill, Gig Harbor, Washington, USA

Click here for the Certain Way article about how Mike in New Zealand received an unexpected $35,000 during the course!


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