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A Certain Way Audio Interview

Iím so happy to have you listen in today to a conversation with Bob Burg, internationally known speaker and bestselling author.

You know, when I first heard Bob speak on the subject of winning WITHOUT intimidation I was so thrilled to see that his principles of what he calls "positive persuasion" tie in perfectly with the principles laid out by Wallace D. Wattles in his classic 1910 book, The Science of Getting Rich.

And Bob's work answers so many of the questions I'm often asked about HOW to handle difficult situations — and difficult people! — while acting in what Mr. Wattles calls "the certain way that will make you rich."

Bob provides a whole toolkit for staying in creative mind in those situations that push our buttons and threaten to catapult us right into competitive mind instead.

So I could hardly wait to get together with Bob and get his thoughts on all this. Turns out he's a big fan of The Science of Getting Rich, too — and that's really no surprise.

But there are definitely a few surprises in store for you now — some new insights and some very practical "use 'em now" methods — as you listen to this hour-long conversation with Bob Burg.

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